" Passive airstreams and sleek substance tangle into form in the sensual sculpture of Sima Furman. Her bold conceptual projections harvest suggestions of sinewy movement and thrust, resisting logistics of gravity with concentrations of resolve to transmute standards of physique into the solidified feelings and energies ."

- New Art International 2004

My passion for life is conveyed through my sculpture. Whether creating in bronze or stone, I see my work as a means of communicating freedom of movement together with the expression of feelings.

My bronze sculptures reflect my interest in expressing the dynamics of movement in dance and sport. Some of the sculptures capture the essence of human relationships. Sculptures titled "Bonding," "Love," "Harmony," "Embrace," and "Entwined" describe different aspects of relationships. Sculptures "Mindless Pursuit," "Inescapable Passage of Time," and "Nuclear Genie" are symbolic and reflect my existential views.

My sculptures in stone are about creating beautiful, delicate shapes. The "Womb," however, is also symbolic of the ever-fluid meaning of life. - Sima Los Angeles